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We start with an excellent quality natural spring water from Adobe Springs, located on the eastern slope of the Hamilton Range in Northern California.  Adobe Springs water is rich in magnesium, beneficial for cardiovascular health and your health in general.  The pH is slightly alkaline, at 8.4.   Then we add pure oxygen, approximately 60 mg/l, or 10 times the amount in typical water.  To keep this oxygen in the bottle, we only use glass bottles. You can see small bubbles form in the bottle after it is opened, especially if you shake the bottle gently.

With other oxygenated beverages you will see very few bubbles.  Others bottle their oxygenated water in plastic and the oxygen leaks out through the plastic.

We do not know all of the benefits of drinking O2Cool Oxygen Water.  Many people report that they feel energized after a bottle.  Studies have been done showing enhanced sports performance for athletes drinking oxygenated water.  With O2Cool, many people report that their headaches disappear, even migraine headaches.

Oxygen inhibits the bad (anaerobic) bacteria in your mouth.  Anaerobic bacteria in your mouth are responsible for bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.  For Oxygenated Beverages for Fresh Breath we were awarded U.S. Patent 5,747,079

Try one bottle of O2Cool Oxygen Water and you will see how great it tastes, how well it quenches your thirst.  Your body will feel the difference.


I also drink tons of water (my fave is O2Cool Oxygen Water – it has this smooth texture I adore)”
Mariel Hemingway

World famous actress, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway,  and author on Healthy Living

1. Why is O2Cool Oxygen Water supplied in glass bottles? Wouldn’t it be more convenient in plastic bottles?

Glass bottles retain oxygen. Oxygen diffuses out through plastic. It would be less costly in plastic bottles, but our top priority is maximum oxygen concentration. Also, plastic imparts taste and potentially health-damaging chemicals to water.

2. How much oxygen is in oxygenated waters in plastic bottles?

The other oxygenated waters that we have tested have had from 10 mg/l (equivalent to 10 parts per million or ppm) to 40 mg/l, as compared to the 70 mg/l to 80 mg/l in O2Cool. Plastic bottles lose most of the oxygen within a few months. The oxygen in O2Cool is retained for years.

3. What is the best way to drink O2Cool Oxygen Water?

Straight from a chilled bottle — this provides you with maximum oxygen content. You can also drink it at room temperature or over ice in a glass.

4. What about the fine bubbles in my glass of O2Cool?

You need to shake a bottle (gently) or take a big drink from the bottle to see bubbles (it will take about 15 seconds to see the bubbles). The bubbles are pure oxygen, slowly escaping the water. Just as it takes time for the carbonation to bubble out of carbonated beverages, it will take an hour or two for most of the oxygen to bubble out of Oxygen Water.

5. Can I reseal the O2Cool Oxygen Water bottle?

Our bottles take twist-off caps, but these are not resealable. Even so, kept cold in the refrigerator, 90% of the oxygen will still be in an opened glass bottle a day later.

6. Where can I buy O2Cool Oxygen Water?

In the Western U.S., O2Cool is available at groceries, natural food stores & restaurants. If O2Cool is not available near you, then ask your favorite grocery store or restaurant to carry O2Cool Oxygen Water. In some areas, we have home and office delivery.

In the rest of the U.S., you can order online, by phone or fax.

O2Cool is not available outside of the U.S.

7. Can I purchase a case of bottles at a discount?

Yes, most of the time! Our bottles come 24 to the case. Most stores will give you a 10% case discount if you ask.

8. How many times a day can I drink O2Cool?

You can drink O2Cool Oxygen Water as many times a day as you would drink any other water. O2Cool contains no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no calories, no caffeine, no sodium. It does contain a superior spring water with oxygen. Try a bottle in the afternoon, instead of a soda or cup of coffee. It gives many people a natural lift. Most of our regular customers drink one to three bottles per day.

9. How does O2Cool Oxygen Water freshen a person’s breath?

Are you concerned about bad breath (halitosis)? When you drink O2Cool, the high concentration of oxygen bathes your tongue and the inside of your mouth. Oxygen encourages good (aerobic) bacteria in your mouth to flourish. At the same time, oxygen inhibits bad (anaerobic) bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria are responsible for bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.
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